Custom Water Treatment Programs Designed For Your Business

Find the right water treatment options to help you manage water usage and conserve energy.

Meet Your Water Savings & Energy Goals

Trident Technologies is a water treatment service provider that helps maximize the efficiency of your water systems to help you meet your water savings and energy goals. Using our full-service approach, 
customers trust us to maintain their water systems and identify process improvements.

Boiler Systems

Help protect against corrosion, scale deposition, and fouling
Cooling tower on top of commercial building

Cooling Systems

Reduce deposits and corrosion on waterside surfaces

Monitoring & Control

State-of-the art tools for water treatment management

Get Your Custom Water Treatment Plan

Get Your Custom Water Treatment Plan

Our Water Treatment Services

Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we work with you to create a custom water treatment program, designed with your water and energy efficiency goals in mind.

Reduce Water Usage

Conserve Energy

Protect System Assets

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As part of the ChemTreat family, Trident Technologies has 52 years of experience in creating a customer focused approach to water treatment for companies in the Southern California and Nevada regions. With a larger team averaging 16 years of industry experience and a nation-wide network, we are able to offer local on-site support and technical expertise. We also provide monitoring and control tools, as well as laboratory services to help customers find unique solutions to their water treatment challenges.

About Trident Technologies


Analytical Laboratory Services

Data Visibility & Control

Disinfection & Chlorination

Engineering & Design Support

Data Centers

New Construction

Commercial & Residential Buildings

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

 State-of-the-art analytical laboratory that troubleshoots complex problems 
Get help flushing your potable water system
Add water treatment expertise to new construction plans to maximize future efficiency

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